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A cheaper alternative to Sara’s individual Healing Week Programme is the option of joining a Healing Week Workshop (no more than 10 people) in areas of outstanding beauty.

Sara runs group Healing Week workshops on a variety of themes.  These themes include:
Specific Hypnotherapy groups for a variety of issues
Specific workshop dedicated to working with the Subconscious
anxiety problems,
lack of confidence,
inexplicable health issues,
weight problems

Each workshop is underscored by an educational focus on working with the subconscious mind and body.  Whatever the theme of the workshop, you will learn that by connecting with this aspect of ourselves we can free ourselves from stagnation.

Clients will learn how to utilise, for themselves, sensitive techniques to communicate with the subconscious mind/body in order to deal with the specific issue at hand.  They will also develop the ability to manage and change the energy of old core beliefs that still run unwanted and unseen in the background of our lives.

During the course of a workshop, each person will benefit from a private Energetic Touch Therapy and Hypnotherapy session.  This individual work creates a deeper understanding of, and connection to the work undertaken during the workshop.
Upcoming Workshops
Sara is often invited to hold workshops in very special places.  As with her base in the Raxalps, Lower Austria - Sara chooses areas of natural beauty in which to help clients re-invigorate their lives.

If you would like Sara to come and run a workshop on a specific issue for you and others, she is happy to discuss all aspects of your requirements to make this possible.
Travelling Workshops
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Currently there are no workshops planned, sorry.