The Healing Week

A typical programme involves three different, yet complementary, forms of therapy:

Time Period
There is no fixed amount of time to spend on one of my Healing Weeks.  Should you simply wish to come for a ‘hypnosis retreat’ to combat something in particular then that is also a possibility.  This could mean a period of 3-5 days.  However, should you wish to ‘retreat’ for an extended period of time in order to work more intensively (for whatever reason), then it may be that you will find 10 days to two weeks more appropriate.

Follow-up Options
It is possible that you may wish to maintain some form of ongoing support for a while after your Healing Week.  This can be arranged as part of your individual programme.

Healing Week Framework
The framework for a Healing Week is, for the most part, tailored to each person’s particular requirements and on some days it may be that you do less than on others.  A general framework suggestion is outlined below.

The working day would start at 09.45 (this may be earlier or later) - the purpose for a latish start is to allow you to slow everything down.  This start time gives each individual the time to begin the day in whichever way you wish with a focus on personal reflection.  This may mean an early walk along the river and then a leisurely breakfast, a long lie-in and then time to write a journal, a yoga session before breakfast or an early morning cable car ride to the top of the Rax Alps.

09.45   Focusing and centring exercises

10.00   ‘Talk Therapy’ Session

11.00    BREAK

11.30   Therapy in nature (depending on client’s physical abilities)

13.00   LUNCH and REST

15.00   Hypnotherapy or Energetic Touch Therapy

16.30   Rest Period (after any ‘Subconscious Process’ Therapy it is Essential that the
           mind and body takes time out).

17.15   A Day’s Review:  a half hour reflection on what has been learned,
           questions that have arisen out of your work and any other issues that you’d
           like to discuss.

17.45   Meditation

18.00   Client’s free time

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‘TALK THERAPIES’ Counselling Psychology
or... just plain old chatting
Dream therapy
'Energetic Touch Therapy'
'ENERGETIC TOUCH THERAPY' A physical approach to resolving psychological issues
FOLLOW-UP OPTIONS Ongoing therapeutic support
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Sara also works with Couples.
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