Sara is, above all, passionate about everyone’s ability to renew their life’s energy when given the right circumstances and environment.  She also believes firmly in the strength of the human spirit to be able to develop strength and personal wisdom even when it may seem “too late” or “too difficult”.  As well as her experience as a Counselling Psychologist, Sara also uses Energetic Touch Therapy as a physical approach to resolving psychological problems.

Brief  Professional Basics about Sara

Sara holds a 1st class BSc Psychology from University of Westminster, London and a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Curtin University, Western Australia.  She is also a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist. Sara's current professional registration is with the Austrian Psychological Association.

When not engaged in workshops or Healing Weeks Sara teaches Psychology at the University of Applied Science in Vienna.

Running parallel to her work, Sara chose to be involved in her own personal psychotherapy for six years.  This meant that she could clear her own life of any 'debris' and focus completely on her work and her clients.

For ten years Sara has worked in a variety of institutions, including a maximum security prison.  During this time she also developed a thriving private practice as a Counselling Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, and Energetic Touch Therapist in Perth, Western Australia.  Sara has a unique, and somewhat, unconventional approach to life, work and personal situations.  Her style of work resulted in Sara being invited to help run a ‘Care in the Community Counselling’ programme alongside General Medical Practitioners.  This was aimed specifically at people who had ‘got stuck’ and were finding it difficult to engage in normal life activities. 

Sara’s variety of work, with many different types of difficulties faced by her clients, allowed her to develop a way of working that addressed not only conscious, mental and emotional processes but physical and subconscious processes as well.

Alongside her extensive experience as a Counselling Psychologist Sara’s use of Hypnotherapy, and a personally developed style of 'Energetic Touch Therapy’, has meant that she has been able to help people develop a renewed life energy force with which they can better face the day-to-day challenges that are thrown at all of us during our lifetimes.

Brief  Personal Basics about Sara

Not only is Sara's professional experience wide-ranging, her personal life has also used a broad canvas.  As a consequence of her father's work, Sara lived in a wide variety of countries and cultures and became a multi-cultural enthusiast at a young age.  These experiences developed into an ability to appreciate differences wherever she found them. 

Sara and her partner, Mat are both determined to live life to its fullest potential and their attitude is to be creative about finding positive ways through difficult times.
Sara Paterson
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